style brick road: The Casual Gatsby.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Casual Gatsby.


Winter has now REALLY arrived. And for some reason, I'm not feeling the whole 'holiday spirit'. To be completely blunt, I think it's the first year I'm not ecited about the 'glitz & glam' of Christmas and everything that goes with it. Dunno why, dunno how.

Anyhow - my life is revolving about IELTS exams I'm taking for my MA application to London College of Fashion next year. It feels surreal I'd be in another city, moreover London - my favourite one. But I don't want to jinx it - fingers crossed, and let's see what will happen.

My recent outfits vary by each day, now more than ever - one day I'll put on a blazer for some 8 a.m. lectures, and another I'll wear a sweatshirt for an evening event. Seems like it's the bipolar state of mind.

ps. I bought this fabulous fur-collared coat in a thrift shop ('...I'm gonna pop some tags, I got $20 in my pockeeet...') for 15 friggin' kuna (circa $2.5/2€/£1.5). Talk about a bargain. :3
nike vntg air vortex_review wool scarf_thrifted fur-collared coat_h&m beanie & black jeans_out of print 'great gatsby' sweatshirt_lucija vrcić backpack_ daniel wellington watch (15% off with 'xmasdino' code Vintage sunglasses (find them HERE)

xx d.