style brick road: ROBAxBISKOTEKA + Christmas Giveaway

Monday, 23 December 2013

ROBAxBISKOTEKA + Christmas Giveaway

ROBA is a Croatian brand that can perfectly described with just one word - cool. Internationally successful & well-known with a clear vision of functional simplicity with a laid-back chic aesthetic. Everything considered, collaborating with Branka and her brand is a big deal for me. I'm extremely proud and excited to play just a small part in promoting ROBA's latest capsule collection of printed sweatshirts & t.shirts.

Coolest prints EVER made by Biskoteka are presented on a simple yet functional black sweatshirt (cotton+pockets, what more could you ask for!) as a perfect 'conversation starter' piece. As always, I'm absolutely attracted by unisex pieces that are worn by both men and women, just so you can see how a piece of clothing becomes a statement piece interpreted in an individual way. I still believe no one can wear a piece of clothing the same way. 

On the other hand, there are chic short-sleeved t-shirts that are a bit more feminine, but are ideal for humid summers & music festivals - high-quality light material in 2 nuances of white makes them easy to combine into other outfits. I styled them into easy-to-wear summer outfits back in September - influenced & inspired by all of the summer festivals I attended. 

The whole collection is available for purchase HERE.

SO, as Christmas is approaching HEAVILY, ROBA & I prepared a little bit of a surprise for you - win a t-shirt of YOUR choice in our SBRxROBA Facebook giveaway! For more info - click HERE! :)
'stoned' (sunglasses by Giant Vintage)

'america' (cap by SOEL by Sonja Lamut)

'powder' (sunglasses by Giant Vintage)

'champagne' (sunglasses by Giant Vintage)

 + matching t-shirts!! (pics taken in September :3)
Find giveaway info - here ! :)

find everything @Roba Store online & @Roba Store_Preradoviceva 34, Zagreb 


xx d.