style brick road: NEW IN. DW Classic Exeter

Sunday, 22 December 2013

NEW IN. DW Classic Exeter

 My early-bird Christmas present came from Daniel Wellington - a perfectly Christmas-y coloured wrist jewelry! :3

The newest baby in my collection of watches is featuring red-white-blue combo with a lil' bit of silver. It's called Classic Exeter and it's fabulous in every way. Just a perfect touch of colour if you're going for a warm Christmas outfit, yet again fabulous for those warm summer nights with a striped tee and camel-coloured shorts. Ugh, can't wait for those moments.

If you ask me, I think this one makes a PERFECT Christmas/holiday gift for ANYONE so if you head up to for some newbies, don't forget to use a discount code!! If you type in 'xmasdino' before checkout, you get 15% off. Now THAT's called smart shopping! So, don't forget to use the coupon! ;)

ps. They're currently having FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! :3

xx d.