style brick road: MENSWEAR. Paul Smith spring/summer 2014

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

MENSWEAR. Paul Smith spring/summer 2014

Sometimes I fall in love at first sight, sometimes I need more time.

The later was the case with (now) one of my favourite fashion designers - Paul Smith. His collections never struck me as the most fashion forward or innovative, and I'd always find dozen shows I'd liked more.

When I attended his womenswear show in September, I finally got to see why everyone loves Mr. Paul. His knowledge of fashion emerges from each and every piece he shows - his show was like an interactive fashion encyclopedia. I absolutely love the way he handles trends - he takes them, purifies them of every unneeded element, and gives them a PS stamp.

His menswear Spring/Summer show was electric and fun, and the preview of his lookbook gives everything and more. Slim silhouettes, bold colours and high-quality materials. It sounds like a perfect recipe for a modern yet classic menswear collection. And he shows it really is.

The navy blazer with the shockingly pink hem is what every modern gentlemen could use, and the soft cashmere two-toned salmon-white jumper is what I could use. #lovetildeath

xx d.