style brick road: MENSWEAR. Chanel Pre-fall 2014

Friday, 13 December 2013

MENSWEAR. Chanel Pre-fall 2014

With the biggest Pre-Fall show done, the fashion world is still buzzing about the 8th World Wonder of Fashion that Karl Lagerfeld (once again) presented. Everyone is naturally talking about the womenswear part of the collection, but as a wannabe 'menswear expert' I think it'd be a missed opportunity not to discuss the menswear inside the Chanel Pre Fall 2014.

  It was a Texas spaghetti western extravaganza. Modern-day cowboys wear tweed jackets mixed with leather, fringe trimmings and fur sleeves, but look nothing but masculine and dangerous. Lagerfeld always gives his own man a voice to create within a theme - this time it was the classic Americana  image that wouldn't be necessarily anywhere near the Chanel style front. It's like a fabulous costume party that everyone wants to be part of.

Chanel's luxurious voice is something everyone wants to hear, and own - with all it's benefits and 'burdens'. Let's be completely blunt - each brands drags its own lifestyle with even the smallest piece that's being worn, so a lot of the time it's not about the collection, but the name. I'm absolutely sure that many people that would never even attempt the 'Cowboy chic', but are big Lagerfeld/Chanel fans are going to embody their own version of the look. With or without a piece with Coco's tag attached.

But hey, that's the power of the double C.

xx d.