style brick road: i stand corrected.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

i stand corrected.

My H&M cocoon coat is the warmest thing I own right now, so I'm happy to be wrapped up in this giant ward thing that's the one of my favourite pieces of outerwear. It reminds of Alexander Wang's aesthetic - simple, clean but interesting. Of course a Wang coat is (currently!) way out of my league, but as everyone else - if you can't afford the Wang, go for the H&M. If you can - WELL GO AHEAD AND DO IT! :3

No one says you can't dream or get yourself a AW something - that's why I decided to share my WW.(Wang Wishlist)

h&m clothing_asos cuban-heeled boots_obekei  beanie_daniel wellington watch (15% off with 'xmasdino' code

My wishlisted loves :3

xx d.