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Friday, 27 December 2013

FILM. Saving Mr. Banks Costume Design

As an ultimate costume lover, I must state that Saving Mr. Banks is one of the most outstanding moments in recent film costume design. Between getting the era right and giving characters a space to develop themselves (which costume designers should ALWAYS provide), Daniel Orlandi stroke a perfect balance. 

With a Satellite Award nomination under his arm, I'm hoping to see Mr. Daniel nominated for his work on the 'making-of Mary Poppins' story for many more. The process that came between sketching and the final creation is quite astonishing - with a smallest detail successfully accomplished... It's one wow moment after another. To be honest - at moments, I had to force myself follow the plot instead of looking at the meticulously designed clothes.

Check out the sketches, but don't forget to watch the movie - it's currently running in cinemas :*

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