style brick road: best of 2013.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

best of 2013.

About 80 looks, trying not to be narcissistic.

It's soooo funny to see how my hair/style/face/poses have changed.

I love to repeat & forget footwear.
Prints have been a big thing - last month or so, I'm printpressed. (print-depressed)
My favourite/most-worn piece is my faux-leather jacket.
The attempt of bringing back the dungarees was mostly unsuccessful.
Skinny jeans are still my best friend.
I'm glad to have my natural hair back.

NOTE TO SELF: Let's do one more year of half-assed interesting looks, funny attempts & crazy hair.

NOTE TO YOU: Try doing this rewind flashback looks - I had a big ol' laugh. Not a thing healthier for one's mind to close of a year than with a laugh at your own last 365 faux-pas.

Choose a look, choose to inspire yourself!


ps. Which is your favourite?

xx d.