style brick road: ARCHITECTURE. PV House, Brasil

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I frequently stumble upon some great images of amazing architectural objects. Houses, buildings or something else. Any way, I always download them, and save them 'for later'. And I never tend to publish them - just because I think I'm not well-prepared to say anything about architecture that would be new, interesting, and correct.

HOWEVER, some opportunities I never miss. Like these amazing pics of a house in Sao Paolo, Brazil called PV House, designed by Sérgio Sampaio Arquitetura. Not that I have something new to say - just that I lave the hard edges, the infinity pool and the contrast of extremely modern lines and elements with the even more extremely green nature. But that's probably the Brazilian spirit playing its magic. :3

So here you go with some harmless (maybe even pointless) inspiration... :*
photos from Arch Daily

xx d.