style brick road: WISHLISTED. 'Tappisserie Medievale' by NoirNoir

Friday, 8 November 2013

WISHLISTED. 'Tappisserie Medievale' by NoirNoir

 Medieval bucolic scenery was the starting point for Noir Noir's new capsule collection named Tapisserie Médiévale. Rich graphics that really look like true medieval art makes you want to stare at them and study every line and detail - which makes the clothing a great communication piece. Beautifully made printed pieces combine both trend and high quality fashion, and it really pulls you inside the fairytale of their own.

Sweatshirts cost 190€, tees are at price of 120€, and tank-tops in these dreamy prints can be found at cost of 85€. Unique prices of high-end fashion that can perfectly fit into your autumn wardrobe.

xx d.