style brick road: simmer down.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

simmer down.

Every day is like a hunt - for chances, love or happiness. Hence the hunting outfit.

High waisted trousers have been a love of mine from the moment I saw the first episode of Saved by The Bell. (It was my thing, let it go)
Bleached high-waisted skinny jeans or high-waisted teacher-trousers. I loved it all. After a while, I started to research the history of high-waisted bottoms in menswear clothing, and then the love evolved into an obsession. 40's with the statement hats and big shoulders, 50's & 60's with the beatnik cool gang... Unfortunately, until recently - I owned just one pair of high-ish waisted dad jeans, bought few years ago in Primark for £5. These are second.
And whenever I go for a second-hand-shop tour, I never get trousers because of my reluctance towards my private parts touching space touched by someone else's private parts. And I buy another oversized blazer. But hey, one of my life goals is to find a tailor and make all my trousers out of heritage materials. Dreams, I know.

I'm also wearing 2 of my currenly favourite pieces - my new Isabel Marant x H&M boots (courtesy of H&M Croatia < 3), and a Vešmašina Vintage short-sleeved sweatshirt I've had for quite some time, but wore it once until recently when I got ideas on how I wanted it to look. :3
mcneal coat_micica brooch_vešmašina vintage sweatshirt (LINK)_h&m x isabel marant suede boots_giant vintage sunglasses_zara hat_h&m high-waisted trousers_daniel wellington watch (15% off with 'xmasdino' code

xx d.