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Sunday, 24 November 2013


The cast of #SamoKažem
As a person obsessed with watching a biiig number of TV series, I was happy to find out my regional neighbours created something worth watching!

A 26 -episode web series called #SamoKažem (#JustSayin in English) combines everything local (and non-local in fact) youth is interested in - friendships, dating, music & love, but also weak education system and high level of youth unemployment... It's just a snippet of everything #SamoKažem crew is covering within this unique & creative project. The world is obsessing about internet and social media, and #SamoKažem falls in the right in the right gap - a mix between virtual and realistic society.
Ana Mandić as Maja
Young regional actors & actresses that portray the main characters are Milena Stanić, Mladen Sovilj, Ana Mandić, Ana Stojanovska, Davor Golubović i Bujar Ahmeti, while the director of this whole story is the amazing Jelena Gavrilović.

I had a great chance to talk with one of the stars, the talented Macedonian beauty Ana Stojanovska few questions about her experience on the show...
Ana Stojanovska as Aleksandra
1. You’re portraying one of the main characters named Aleksandra – she’s an ambitious party girl that knows what she wants. How did you relate with the character and is it anything like you?
I had so much fun playing the character of Aleksandra. She's a very emotional girl that wants to hide her soft side just to keep her problems out of her friends' eyes. Aleksandra acts like most young girls do while becoming women - she experiments, acts wild, not thinking about the consequences... She is taking every moment and making it to a story to last... I do see myself a lot in her, and I sort of went few years back to the time when I was thinking that freely, without any regrets.
Stefan Djordjević as Marko
2. Regarding your past experience, how is #SamoKažem different from other projects you’ve worked on?
It was much much more different than any other project I had ever worked on. When I read the script I was thinking how it's going to be just another story about how the Balkan people should all be in love and how the hatred needs to stop etc. But when I met other actors and we started to work together, we really got to known each other, and I fell in love with each and every one of them... I think that this project made me realise how cool it is to forget about your nationality and just enjoy the people that surround you - to see where that love can go, on and off the screen. I also loved the fact that we were working with a young director. She gave us the chance to improvise and to enjoy the moments we were creating. Plus, the episodes were shot in many different places, so I had the pleasure to travel around Balkan.
#SamoKažem cast
3. #SamoKazem is definitely a unique project within our region, and even Europe. What do you think about the idea of a youthful series based solely online?
I personally believe that this is a great idea. A lot of people don't have time to watch television in a particular timing so this is a great chance to watch something interesting. And on the other hand everybody is on-line and they are going to be able to watch the episodes any time, as many times as they want.
Bujar Ahmeti as Dren
you can watch it exclusively on Youtube HERE. Enjoy! :*

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