style brick road: MENSWEAR. Topman Winter 2013

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

MENSWEAR. Topman Winter 2013

A brand I'm oh, so sorry to not have in my own country (but my bank account isn't :3) is definitely Topman. The mix of every single menswear trend there is makes it perfect for absolutely anyone: dapper gent - checked, punkish grunge star - checked, preppy boy - checked, retro hipster - checked... I could go on and how absolutely any member of any subculture could find something @ Topman, but I won't (that's why I've got the pics to speak for themselves).

The fact that it's so versatile separates Topman from other successful high-street brands. If I was given a chance to enter its huge wardrobe (and just to be clear - I'm not), I'm sure I'd go wild - it's my dream to own clothes that belong to every existing genre & subculture, just so I could choose to dress myself absolutely differently each and every day.

Topman makes dreams come true. At least mine ones. :3

Their latest Winter 2013 campaign features models Alexandre Faye, David Metcalfe &Joe Collier styled by Alister Mackie, and lensed by Alasdair McLellan. Amazing job indeed.

xx d.