style brick road: IN LOVE. SOEL by Sonja Lamut A/W 2013

Thursday, 7 November 2013

IN LOVE. SOEL by Sonja Lamut A/W 2013

Romantic, passionate, retro and modern. Cinematic. Inspiring.

All these words, they remind me of Sonja Lamut's brand SOEL

Her latest collection is a creative melange of all these elements at their best. I don't really need to pinpoint all of her strong sides - she just knows what fashion-oriented people (not only women!) want and need in their wardrobe. Fashionable oversized beanies, 70's silhouettes updated with some modern elements and comfortable luxurious materials - it's everything both in her wheelhouse and 'oh, so fortunately!' on trend right now. You can see she's aware of the trends while she's designing, but doesn't tend to follow them directly - just like a true designer should create.

Colour schemes for her work always remind me of reasons why I love colour - it can express more emotions & feelings, truly help you feel one way or another. She uses colour in a way that makes you want to cover yourself in bundles of coloured wool and run around the world. 'Joie de vivre' is the perfect phrase to express the feel I get when I see Sonja's clothes. 

The photos for her latest campaign are stunning - Lada M. is modeling in front of the lense of Franjo Matković, the latest winner of Elle Fashion Photo Talent, and the makeup & hair is work of the fabulous Kristina Pavlov. As I mentioned, they look extremely cinematic - like stills from a french indie movie, for a character that is rapidly running around Paris, in search of her loved one while Edith Piaf's 'Dans ma rue' is playing in the background. Ok, I'll stop it right now.

Truly and honestly, enjoy in your daily allowance of pretty things. :-3

xx d.