style brick road: IN LOVE. Agi&Sam x Emblzn CUSTOMISE !!

Friday, 29 November 2013

IN LOVE. Agi&Sam x Emblzn CUSTOMISE !!

If I HAD to choose a favourite young menswear duo - it would have to be Agi & Sam. I fell in love with their Topman capsule collection (find it here), and have been browsing through their work ever since.

Their latest work include an innovative platform called Emblzn - based on creating individuality and customise fashion in the times of mass production. So, in a nutshell - you can customize your own Agi & Sam tees which have a huge array of prints, patterns and combos. Just check everything out HERE and you'll be happy! The full printed ones (of course) are my absolute favs!

ps. This is a major idea for the upcoming holidays - boyfriend, brother, friend or a father, and pardon me - GIRLS CAN WEAR THEM TOO!

xx d.