style brick road: gray day yesterday.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

gray day yesterday.

It's one of those times people. Embrace yourselves.

EXAM TIME M*THERF*CKERS. (excuse my dirty language)

I'm spending every free moment of mine next to fabulous books (hint: they're already torn, and not fab at all) sipping my fabulous cocktails and listening to fabulous music in between subjects. SHIT.
My books are in fact photocopies in black&white because books weren't available - not because I'm a breaking-the-law-sh*tface, I'm drinking water 'cause I'm thinking how I'm going to become a fat one by just sitting in my stale old room which smells of despair (no it doesn't - it smells of freshly washed clothes - thanks mom!) 
(I keep thinking how people can't drink alcohol and study in the same time. Such a sad story.)
So basically, I'm spending my time moaning about my life.

On the other hand, I got a new fashion baby - my Iggy custom made sleeveless coat. I saw this wool month or so ago when I had a photoshoot with a coat in this material, and I talked about getting something similar. Then I found an extra-large scarf in 2 different plaids - I bought them both. So, yesterday I went to pick up my new sleeveless coat and - wait for it - the plaids MATCH. 
Oh, god - it shows I'm not spending much time with people - getting so excited and gushing about *matching materials* is so bad.
Although I'm lame at least I've got my new coat (and my newest DW watch) with me. :3

PS. Excuse my cursing - it sounded better inside my head.

PPS. I missed Isabel Marant x H&M vip pre-shopping - all because of my studying. I better get an max score.

h&m patent shoes, skinny jeans, plaid scarf & mustard knitted sweater_iggy custom-made plaid sleeveless coat_topshop long denim shirt_daniel wellington watch (15% off with 'xmasdino' code cap bought on ebay

Meet my newest girlfriend < 3

xx d.