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Monday, 4 November 2013

ART. Tošo Dabac

I can't 'blame' my university on teaching me too many interesting things, but there are few things I've learned which I find useful and fascinating. I recently had to do a presentation on Tošo Dabac, one of the biggest Croatian photographers, and although I had known some things, I couldn't believe how resourceful and inspiring his work is. 

With more than 200 000 signed work (let's remember, we're talking about analog photography), you can find absolutely anything - landscapes, portraits, documentary, photojournalism, and even hints of fashion photography. He featured themes like social status in his 'People from the streets' series between 1932 and 1935 (some say 1933 to 1937 but it's difficult to say) when less-fortunate people on the streets of Zagreb were his main motif. He was later influenced by different cities (although Zagreb remained to be one of his favourite ones) and rural cultures, but also had a great deal of artist portraits in his opus. Hell, he even was some kind of a street style photographer in his days - you can see the fashion of the decade just by looking at the photos.

Exquisite and rich, his images are filled with details from those times - it seems like he captured everything that had ever happened. The joy and happiness contrasted with social misery can be an eternal inspiration for both art and fashion.
If you're stuck (or happily staying) in Zagreb - visit Tošo Dabac Archive @ Ilica 17 (LINK).

xx d.