style brick road: and then he went short.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

and then he went short.

Bad energy went away with my old hair - welcoming new things in life with its new beginnings.

Couldn't be a more appropriate time for cutting all of my hair. And although it wasn't THAT long, all of the inches and centimeters I've been dragging on my head for some time now felt lie a reminder of everything I was. Now I want to be the thing I am. #mindf*ck

My new shaved head is my new attitude! :3 (not really, I'm still the same Dino but with less hair)

Once again, the amazing work was made by the greatest Irena Dominić from Topstil hair salon - although she wasn't so sure of my decision, we're both glad we went through with it. A new beginning can begin! :*
xx d.