style brick road: all over, yet again.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

all over, yet again.

 Hiya guys. So, nothing big has happened in my life, but after moments of 'whatodo' in terms of this blog and my 'blogging career' (haha as if) I decided to change things up because I believe that's the only recipe for success. Routines were never my way in life.

The change is not a big one - most of the photos & imagery is going to be b&w from now on. This is quite a shock for myself since I've always been a visual kind of person that needs as much colour as possible to express myself. It's challenging for myself to tell my vision in b&w, so to keep the enthusiasm of a sickly ambitious person as myself - it was the logical way to go.

Of course, I won't shut the colour pipe for good - some of the pics I'll still introduce in colour, just so you get the whole image, and just so I feed my friends colourmaniacs. 

I'm also going to keep things real in terms of writing - unless I've got something meaningful to say, I'll just shut it because it's dreadfully boring for both of us if I say/write something just so I say/write something. Forcing creativity is not how it goes.

Also, I'm promising a thing: I'll be more proactive than ever, taking pics whenever I can, and sharing more content made by myself. I know it's sometimes more interesting to see a bunch of photos made by a professional, but in order of my own progress - it's better to get things rolling with my own thoughts, pics & work.

Finally (but nothing less meaningful than the rest of my '3rd year of blogging' decisions), I want this media product of Style Brick Road to become a platform of thoughts - whether they are visual, written, musical or any other kind. I'm well aware that more people will click a post with my own outfits (due to the human characteristics of personal peepers), but I still want to share other things. If only 50 people will want to read my words on 'why H&M is better than Zara' (not saying it is, only an idea :3) - then be it. 

Lastly - yet again, thanks for the last 2 years, hope this 'new concept' keeps you interested.

PS. I've got a new tumblr page @
asos jacket_daniel wellington watch (15% off with 'xmasdino' code shirt_h&m wool trousers_giant vintage round sunglasses_h&
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xx d.

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