style brick road: Alexa's 30th. Stalker much?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Alexa's 30th. Stalker much?

Excuse me for doing this post, but at times of misery like right now, I needed this.

When you feel down, it's kinda healthy (in fact it's not but it helps me) imagining you're part of a party bunch you admire, love and look upon. So, featuring amazing instapics from Alexa Chung's (aka the most beautiful girl in fashion) 30th birthday is a perfect 'get-well' recipe. It's like all of my favourite people from the public world of UK were invited (except me, DUH) - Florence Welch, Christopher Kane, Kelly Osbourne, Henry Holland, Pixie Geldof, Jack Guiness etc. Plus the alluring party girl in this amazing Carven number. Like a proper fashion party extravaganza.

Don't get me wrong, NO photos are taken or owned by me but by these ab-fab people. #jealousy

So, let's all indulge in a little beautiful-rich-happy friends (questionable) story.
It's healthy to think you were there, right? 


xx d.