style brick road: wrinkled&pinned.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Firstly - I SWEAR I DIDN'T PUT THE BALLOONS THAT WAY. It was pure coincidence. And a nice one, indeed.

I hate that I get most ideas when I'm the busiest bee around. I can lay around my home for days (ok, that hasn't happened in last few years, but I imagine!) and I won't feel like doing anything special. BUT. When I'm out for the whole day, came home with a throbbing headache - I feel like I need to pin a blazer. HAHA It's probably the frustration coming out.

The outfit is my ode to 80's power suiting, and if anyone has been following my blog from its beginnings (2 years in 10 days, jus'sayin) they know oversized blazers with sneakers has been my thing for a long time now, so it's feels great going back to your style roots and updating it with some tiny tweaks & touches. 

My Zara scarf is one of the best accessories out there - matches literally ANY colour and can be worn million different ways. Truly one of my best buys on last year's sale. And yeah - there's a nice story about these sneaks. I've been searching for the Nike Air Max 180 for some time now, but I never found a cool colour combo in a store. I've seen these ones online, and roamed around London searching for them, to finally find them at Selfridges. Last pair, of course. 

PS. I'm so proud of my amazing mum that's been taking my photos from the earliest beginnings of SBR, especially when I see photos like these that make me realise how much she learned and improved. Of course it took (and still takes!) some time to get the shot, and sometimes I need to micromanage, but I wouldn't change my fabulous photographer. Hvala mama !! < 3
thrifted oversized blazer // Zara head-scarf // MMM x H&M trousers // H&M sunnies & white linen tee // Nike Air Max 180 sneakers // Daniel Wellington watch // vintage pins, matryoshka pin from Russia, Marina Marinski bird pin, BlameLu deer pin, Micica pin