style brick road: the summer of '13.

Monday, 7 October 2013

the summer of '13.

 Hiya!! My college lectures are starting today, so I thought the only thing appropriate to do was to share some of my fav moments that rocked my summer that I haven't previously shown you already. It's the fooling around with some of my old friends (Glo & Karlo < 3) & playing one of those stoopid card-drinking games. Listen up - it never turns out well. We were driving bicycles/scooters in the middle of the night all around the neighbourhood.

I also haven't shared my fav concert of the summer (& possibly EVAH!) - Aloe Blacc @ Terraneo. It's just one of those moments you remember forever. There are also some pics I took accidentally but loved in the end (pic 5 is taken near Omiš, and pic 6 was taken in one of my favourite places in Zagreb - the Botanical Gardens).

And one of the last summer moments was the Skunk Anansie concert in Varaždin - went there with my lovely Nina (in pic 3), and met up with my fav blogger & amazing friend Ana (pic 9). It was amazing fun - that's all I'm saying.

So, after I had this much-needed summer throwback moment - let's rock on and enjoy my last BA year!!

Ps. Happy birthday to Ana (