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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

STREETSTYLE. London Fashion Week S/S 2014

As the season of Croatian fashion weeks is rapidly approaching, I'm panicking about what I'm going to wear. 

I usually go shopping for some key pieces just before the fashion weeks start, but I did my last shopping London (when I honestly wasn't even thinking about our FW) so I kinda felt some panic inside. It's not that I don't have enough clothes (although...) but the thing I love about shopping is finding cool pieces and instantly knowing at least 3 outfits around that item. The problem I have is I'm in the middle of everything and anything, and I don't have the time to take an hour or 2 just to go through my clothes and get some ideas.

SO, instead of looking through my own closet (which makes me stressed out and much concerned about the mess I'd made) I decided to take a virtual stroll down an inspiration lane - menswear streetstyle from the latest London Fashion Week. Although I've attended a lot of the shows, I was so stuck in my own head that I couldn't bother taking in the ideas of other people's outfits. Thanks to the amazing (which I was part of :3), I got a chance to rewind on all of the amazing menswear outfits and get some new ideas about my own ones. I hope you feel inspired because the street fashion there was truly amazing. 

I loved how everyone could find something 'for themselves' - there were sportswear-inspired outfits that looked (and probably feeled) really comfortable which is a big plus for those intense days of FW, but you could also find dapper suited-up dandies that took you to whole other planet of immaculate tailoring. I love how everyone - from the photographers, through journalists & bloggers, to random passersby that weren't attending the shows had their own little thing going on. Ladies went crazy with lovely variations of suits, but the womenswear trend I instantly fell in love with were the simple grey-blue coloured pieces that feel so simple yet so sophisticated.

All images were taken by the nicest photographer Marcus Dawes who patiently stood in the rain for 5 days and took amazing photos of the Somerset House attendees. 

(PLUS, I threw a set of my top female picks just too give the ladies some ideas too ;)

 LFW Olympics

Print me badly !

 Electric Suiting

 Easy come, easy go...

3 ways to Suit Up...

Blues Ladies
photos_Marcus Dawes for LFW Daily

Feeling inspired? Hurry up, and go match your outfits !! :3