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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

NEW IN. ginger

Don't even TRY to judge.

After 3 days of work-all-day-work-all-night, I'm finally posting an update! To be honest, not posting for a day or 2 really feels weird after I got used to post every day. Still, everything has its own time.

Thanks to my lovely Irena & Topstil, I became what I wanted to become a long long time. A GINGER! Just to be completely truthful, changing hair gives a new character in life, and that's why I love to change it up every now and then 2-3 weeks. This time, I'm having a whole 'Ron Weasley meets Ronald McDonald meets Pippi Longstocking' moment. In my head at least. One of my favourite things about the look are my new ginger brows that match my hair per-fect-ly (thanks Irena! :*).

I always say 'This is my favourite one!', but yes - I think THIS one is my fav!

You know how they say - 'Gingers have more fun!'
Or something like that.
Wearing my favourite @ home flanel shirt, courtesy of my grandpa and the amazing 70's !! 
Photos courtesy of my fabulous narcissistic soul-less ginger self.