style brick road: IN LOVE. Scotch & Soda A/W 2013

Thursday, 10 October 2013

IN LOVE. Scotch & Soda A/W 2013

One of the brands I've always loved is Scotch&Soda yet I never chose to spend some money at their stores. It's not the fact that it's a bit pricy but I tend to have some stuff on my wishlist that I never think of when I'm spending my money. I feel like everyone has their own wishes that are never coming true - just because it's healthy not to get everything you want. :P

And as much as I love editorial photos taken for the purpose of fashion campaigns, these polaroid shots published as part of their A/W 2013 menswear campaign made me happy in more than one way. Firstly, the spirit of the story is so more relaxed then any campaign - I feel like I was there during the shoot. There's also the fact that the images aren't photoshopped, and the clothes seem much more real.

One of the it-boys of the moment, Dutch model Ton Heukels did an amazing job modeling the clothes in a much cooler European version of what I feel Abercrombie & Fitch represent in the USA. More relaxed, but still sporty & chic - it's part of the Scotch&Soda heritage. Plus, I'm usually not a big fan of B&W photos but these really profit of the monochromatic colours.