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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I wonder if.

Random day, random occasion, random clothes.

When I look back at my blog outfits, I get a feeling most of the time I choose to photograph more of my 'dressed-for-something' outfits. So, it seems like I never wear casual outfits, a random guy could wear. Of course I add some details that make the outfit mine, but as an idea - it's simple, yet 'catchy'.

BTW all photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy camera (by my friend Ozana < 3) so I 'instagramed' them and they turned out the same as the outfit - simple, resourceful, and practical. 
Way to go after 2 weeks of Croatian fashion shows :3
H&M hat & grey tee // Primark trousers // Puma sneakers // customized H&M bag // Marni x H&M parka // Daniel Wellington watch (find it HERE)

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