style brick road: flatline.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


 Waking up at 9.00 A.M. to go to work. I need to put something on. Who would have thought my way to go would be black, leather & plaid. I definitely wouldn't have. :X

As always, I kinda like the idea of playing characters and having a backstory behind my outfit. 

This time I was a true ginger (!!) rebel kid, running away from home to go to a rock concert. In the 70's naturally. Of course it sounds pretentious as hell, but that's my story, NOT yours. (haha) In fact, for a 9.00 am story, it's a five-starer for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't a rebel 70's kid. I needed to go to work, running around my hometown with tons of clothes and paper bags. Fun, fun, fun-tastic (THIS always comes into mind - especially when dealing with a back-ache 3 days after)! And as Emily, I wouldn't change it for the world!

Oh, and to my dear honey boo-boos, my college is about to start in a few days, and I weirdly can't wait. Something about negative adrenaline makes me excited. 

Leave me alone now, off to do stuff gingers are supposed to! You go on and scroll through the pics...
McNeal plaid flannel shirt // Zara faux leather jacket // H&M hat & black jeans // Piper sandy ankle boots // Lucija Vrcić backpack // Primark peace pendant // Daniel Wellington croco-leather watch (find it HERE) // Giant Vintage keyhole sunglasses (find them HERE)