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Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I admit - I'm an extremely emotional person. Not in that obvious 'crybaby' way, but when a story gets my attention I tend to become overobsessed with it. There comes a point where my dreams are set within the story or person I'm obsessed with. This time, it's one of my favourite fashionistas of all time - Lady Di aka Diana Spencer aka The Princess of Wales.

Diana is like one of those great songs you always love to listen to but need to be remembered how much you love it (my eternal jammin' song is Ain't no mountain high BTW). I went to the cinema yesterday, absolutely spontaneously - my lecture ended early so I decided to treat myself with a movie night. I came to the cinema, and I had to choose between Diana & Kick-Ass 2, and as much as I wanted to see Kick-Ass the sequel, something pushed me to buy a ticket for the other one. And I'm not sorry one bit.

I don't want to turn this into a movie review, because there's already enough said on that subject, BUT the movie reminded me how much style Diana actually had. Absolutely ahead of her time, with a boldness that seems nothing but elegant & effortless, Diana gave everyone something to talk to. Not only was she smart in her public presentations, she also dressed smart.

One of the biggest interviews in the history of celebrity journalism is the definitely the one she did for BBC with a famous journalist and anchor Martin Bashir was the first thing I watched when I came home last night. THEN, I started to love her even more. I watched that interview a few times before, but each time I see it - I get something new out of it (if interested watch it HERE).

Back to style now. Her style evolution mirrored her personality - in the beginning she was quite modest & shy (got engaged at 19, married at 20) which showed in her style that was more restricted, and by the rules of the Monarchy. Her wedding dress by Elizabeth and David Emanuel is something most people will never forget, and her young public appearances played of the character of a young, innocent girl & the wife of a future king she embodied.

After a while, her fashion sense kicked in as she became more comfortable within both her own body and her new role as a royalist. She freely chose statement clothes - fabulous 80's dresses that still had a sense of royalty within their style. Kate Middletone's style is currently staying just between the first 2 phases of Lady Di. Bruce Oldfield & Katherine Walker (i.e. the notoriously famous pearled white dress with the matching bolero) were her go-to designers, whose 80's silhouettes were kinda made for the Princess. 

By the end of the 80's, when more and more of her personal problems became public and started to get real, I feel she wanted to show the middle finger to everyone - so she went crazy with her clothes. Prints, colour-blocking, statement accessories & a more sexy vision interested all of the people that were already obsessed with her life. At the transition of decades, it feels like she showed her trues self - and proved that she was a definition of a trend setter.

After the big-shoulders & bold-colours phase (also called 80's!!), Diana moved on. Both in her personal life and fashion life. She turned to more of the minimalistic fashion as she tried to become a more simple person. The vision of her in the brown suede ankle boots & a black bomber jacket is SO modern that it makes me cry of joy. Classic colour combinations & monochromatic situations defined her last phase when she showed the refined lady she had to be in those moments.

Unfortunately, the lady that showed the whole world that short hair can be both sexy and fashion-forward in the same time, that pushed both the limits of fashion & social questions went away too early. I can't NOT to imagine how would she look today, which designs would she dress herself into (probably the ones by Ralph Lauren & the house of Chanel - both she loved very much).

I can only wish upon a star to get to meet & to work with a fashionista of her calibre. Unfortunately, I can't think of one. She was a movie star, a performer, a royalist and a beauty queen all wrapped into a smart Lady that changed the world by using her 'title' of the most popular & talked-about woman in the world at the time. TRY TO BEAT THAT.
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This Lady will live eternally, as will her timeless style < 3