style brick road: autumn leaves.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

autumn leaves.

Whenever I see my new Mr Gugu sweatshirt I just think of THIS. And THIS. And THIS.

If anybody could be called a gummy-bear freak that's me. At the age of 10 - my mother told me ''You ate as many candy in your life, as all 3 members of our family won't in their lives.'' And most of the candy were gummy bears & their friends - worms, berries, dinosaurs, dolphins etc.

BUT, as an adult - knowing how unhealthy Gummy Bears are, I know it's no health to overeat, but I still sometimes afford myself a bag or 2 of gummy candy. BUT, a perfect way to have my gummy bears with me without the fear of diabetes is wearing this amazing Gummy Bear Mr. Gugu sweatshirt (find it HERE). It's warm & perfect for this transitional weather, and it's really easy to combine with other clothes because of the autumn colours in the print that kinda represent the colour scheme of September leaves.

Aside from my fabulous sweatshirt, let's talk about these October days. It's funny how although I have bunch of work on my hand plus my college lectures have started, and still I feel kinda passive and bored. I'm doing all of it - reading books, watching movies, outdoors-y stuff... I still feel all kinds of dissatisfaction. Hope this Autumn blues washes off soon.

At least I've got my Gummy Bears to comfort me. :-)
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