style brick road: October 2013

Thursday, 31 October 2013

ART. Halloween Babies by Tom Arma

 The most published baby photographer in the world, Tom Arma takes the most amazing baby pics I (and probably most of other people) melt only looking at. 

Instead of sharing my ideas for cool Halloween costumes for grown-ups (which I doubt exist :3), I chose to show you the cutest ever costumes (and babies) there are.

So guys, don't spend your Halloween with bad & scary thoughts - just think about these cute babies, and get a fun costume that will make people happy!

Happy Halloween !!! :3
(all photos courtesy of Tom Arma)

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I wonder if.

Random day, random occasion, random clothes.

When I look back at my blog outfits, I get a feeling most of the time I choose to photograph more of my 'dressed-for-something' outfits. So, it seems like I never wear casual outfits, a random guy could wear. Of course I add some details that make the outfit mine, but as an idea - it's simple, yet 'catchy'.

BTW all photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy camera (by my friend Ozana < 3) so I 'instagramed' them and they turned out the same as the outfit - simple, resourceful, and practical. 
Way to go after 2 weeks of Croatian fashion shows :3
H&M hat & grey tee // Primark trousers // Puma sneakers // customized H&M bag // Marni x H&M parka // Daniel Wellington watch (find it HERE)

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

TREND. Printed knitwear

photo_Saskia Lawaks for

Whether it's print on top of a sweater or coloured yarn - knitwear in different patterns is a big hit for this season.
If you're more about classic style you'll look perfect in simple cardigans or sweaters in muted tones, that remind of retro ski jumpers from the 90's. If you're more of a full-on-fashion-with-a-capital-F kinda guy/gal, crazy geometrical patterns and wild colours will perfectly fit your wardrobe.

British autumn/winter style is ALL about printed tops with simple bottoms - an oversized aqua&black geometrical knit by Sibling will look amazing with gray skinny jeans, and a pair of black moto boots. On the other hand, printed knits can be easily updated into more of a formal outfit - put on a black&white McQueen cardigan inspired by stained glass, a white unbuttoned shirt under, and a fitted black blazer on top of it. You'll be ready for theatre, dinner, wedding or any other formal event.

One of my newest fashion crushes is an Asian brand called White Mountaineering - they have most amazing knitwear ever. Socks, sweaters, cardigans or scarves - everything is as luxurious as it gets in young patterns & prints. In other words - perfect for me. :3

Just so you get inspired for colder days, I picked few of my favourite knits from high-fashion brands! 
Enjoy :)

1. Burberry Prorsum, 2. Paul Smith 
3. White Mountaineering, 4. White Mountaineering

1. Paul Smith, 2. Saint Laurent 
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs, 4. Sibling

1. Neil Barrett, 2. Paul Smith
3. Undercover, 4. Alexander McQueen

1. Todd Snyder, 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs
 3. J. Crew, 4. Billy Reid

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Monday, 28 October 2013

MENSWEAR. Obekei 2014

Some of my special fashion memories belong to a Croatian fashion designer called Katarina Smolić and her brand Obekei. Last season I collaborated with her on a campaign shoot which was one of my first freelance styling gigs, and it was an amazing first experience.

This season, Katarina continued to follow her own vision of urban fashion for urban people. This collection called Opposite of black 14 is a sportier version and a cleaner sequel of her past work - black&white with metallic details, simple sportswear that feels extremely luxe. As a person that hates to wear sportswear outside sports venues, I'm amazed how versatile the collection looks with its unisex silhouettes absolutely everyone can wear. I personally love how Obekei represents young fashion that doesn't have to be pretentious or overwrought - simple, yet cool is the way to go.

This young designer knows her own public, and with each collection she gets to offer her own fans clothing that's more approachable to their own aesthetic. I'm positive many skater-alterna-hipsters are going to wear the clothes, but I'm also sure some of her basic yet fashionable pieces are going to find their way to my own wardrobe. 
OBEKEI 2014 lookbook
clothes_Obekei (LINK)
photo_Zvonimir Ferina
makeup_Kasandra Make Up
hair_Nina Dundur

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Friday, 25 October 2013

2nd birthday & worldwide Daniel Wellington giveaway




2 years guys. 2 freakin' years. 

 I don't have enough words to express my gratitude towards all of you -  THANK YOU for 740 days of being loyal readers, giving me a chance to share all my thoughts &ideas with you. I can't believe how many things have changed in these past 2 years - new opportunities, jobs, friendships, chances... Everything was here because of you < 3

Thank you for watching all of my crazy moments, and still returning to this blog.

Thank you for joining me on this fashionable road called my life, and for supporting all the stuff I did.

Thank you to everyone who collaborated with me in these past 2 years and supported me through their own products & projects.

Thank you to parents - my fabulous dad who'd do took me to all events (since I'm not a driver) and was a backing stone (Hvala Tata), and my amazing mother (Hvala Mama po 2219421. put! < 3) who takes pictures, gives me advice & makes me feel proud. And yeah, thanks to my Sister (Hvala Tea!) who takes my clothes so I can't wear them ! ;)

SO, after all that time, you deserve a reward!

In collaboration with my favourite watch brand Daniel Wellington, I decided to give away a watch from their site (CLICK) of your choice! You can choose any watch you want, and all you need to do is:

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5. Leave your comment with info under this post!

Results : 1/11/2013 !! :3

Good luck and enjoy today! The birthday is both yours & mine! ;)

ps. The cake was made last minute, by mum Suzana (DUH!) :3



Wednesday, 23 October 2013

electric human nature.

I'm never going to become one of those successful bloggers - I never know what to say in these stooped non-occasion, casual & half-assed looks. Honestly, there has been no intention putting these pieces together so a 'story' is not appropriate, and there hasn't been a proper event I've put this outfit together for. It's just my vision of a boring autumn-looks-like-spring days embodied in an outfit. 
Uninteresting and bland, but with some nice details.
Lega-Lega black-white tee // Zara printed scarf // Primark carrot trousers // Kenzo electric blue sneakers // ASOS canvas backpack // H&M military-green parka // Daniel Wellington watch (find it HERE)



Tuesday, 22 October 2013

NEW IN. DW Classic Winchester Lady

I never got those people that love to wear the same pair of shoes/shirts/jackets/anything throughout different seasons, years or even decades - just because it suited them (example: Anna Wintour in her beige Manolos). I've been more of a 'wear anything once' type of guy.

BUT - I really found my perfect watch, and I'm not taking it off ANYTIME SOON. Thanks to amazing peeps from Daniel Wellington I got to choose from their amazing collection, and decided to go with something less typical. Women usually wear men's watches, but I decided to take it the other way, and wear a more delicate & smaller version of a Classic Winchester - the Classic WInchester Lady.

I honestly can't wait to wear it - I'm planning on rocking it with some colourful outfits just to add the (much needed) sophisticated pop of colour.
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