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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Let's get it on.

My first fashion show was the Felder Felder one which was truly an amazing experience. Of course, when I'm rewinding, I get I can't be totally objective because it was the beginning of the LFW experience. The show finished in 2 seconds (just my seeing, not the real thing - it lasted for nice 12-15 mins), and I just had a smile on my face. Seeing it now, I still love the boldness they showed - cut-outs, prints & sea-life inspiration was their thing, and a good things it were. Model's styling pumped up the volume and added to the dinamic of the show, but also showed how simple cuts give major looks.

My first day was reserved for the softer-than-ever Jean-Pierre Braganza whose signature prints combined with new-to-him pastels gave his collection a new twist appealing to his old customer, while still reaching for some young, new & fresh fashion lovers. 80's pumped PPQ show finished off my day. Intense colours, electric florals & retro shapes made me think of 'Fresh Prince' & 'Saved By The Bell' which isn't necessarily bad (hey, if anyone's up for that - it's me) with its cool young prom-to-beach vibe. Still, they lacked in the elements of fresh & unseen, but like many brands such are Moschino & Miu Miu - taking a literal retro route is the way to go.

Second day started of with The Swedish School of Textiles graduation show at the Freemasons' Hall where a dozen students showed their grad collections. Of the whole bunch, I was mostly stunned by Emelie Ahlnér's collection called 'Kurbitch!' that presented a great range of avant-garde shapes interestingly interpreted within the limits of hard unconventional materials. I'm sure the fact that the materials were shiny helped me like it A LOT. The best of menswear was Jesper Danielsson who displayed a nice spectrum of men's clothing for different ages, types & styles - it goes from ready-to-wear to major avant-garde in only 7 pieces, and that's a gift.

I also saw David Koma's pastel paradise collection that somehow made me compare his pieces to the ones by Mister Braganza's from the first day - both usually very sharp, but taken a softer route both in cuts & materials (eg. pastels). Lady Gaga's favourite Liz Black went back to her roots for Spring - clothes with big architectural depth, still having that wearable sense to them. The presentation was greatly organized - you could approach each model and look out for any details. In the end, that's what presentations should be about. Alessia Prekop showcased a collection of interesting shapes that play with trends & classic. Unfortunately, I can't say the collection blew me away - cute separates, great playing with volume, but nothing earth-shattering in a fashion-point-of-view matter.

My absolute favourite of day 2 was the cutie-pie collection by the Irish designer Orla Kiely who made us go for a trip to a most fashionable glamping (=glamorous camping) safari out there. Inspired by Suzy Bishop's character from 'Moonsize Kingdom' gave me a tooth-ache just from looking at the pieces. And again, if there's a guy that has a sweet tooth, IT'S ME. Styling the models very retro gave the whole collection depth - presenting in a fashionable, not only cute-clothes-on-cute-girls way. Her amazing bags & leatherwork she's so big at were the (well, mine at least) focal point of the collection - she showed how to style them in a perfect Orla Kiely way. To say the least, I'd party with an Orla Kiely SS14 girl anytime soon.

Enjoy the photos...

Felder Felder

Jean-Pierre Braganza



The Swedish School of Textiles
Bee-hive jacket @ Jesper Danielsson
@ Jesper Danielsson

Majestic shapes, materials & colours @ Emelie Ahlnér
@ Emelie Ahlnér 
@ Emelie Ahlnér 
Eclectic minimalism @ Anna Margareta Svensson 
@ Anna Margareta Svensson 
Scandinavia's version of the 90's thing @ Elias Högberg
@ Elias Högberg
@ Elias Högberg
Hi-Tech Victorian @ Saina Koohnavard
Young & Knitted @ Karolina Persson

Orla Kiely

David Koma

Liz Black

Alessia Prekop

Felder Felder frow (front row)
Talent comes in 2s - Felder sisters
Amazed by the carpentry before the PPQ show @ Somerset House 
Printed 80's @ PPQ before the show even started !!

Rubberized knitwear in the hall at Freemasons' Hall
Need something to attach your life with? @ Freemasons Hall

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