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Thursday, 19 September 2013


London Fashion Week had me exhausted.
 I'm not only talking about the obvious physical exhaustion due to the all-day running/carrying heavy bags (no, not the goodie ones, but my own ones - 2 cameras, invites, food, wallet, phone...), but also the astonishing mental saturation. Too much, too little time, too fast. Too everything. Still, cannot complain - but since my trip to London was both a working experience and a holiday, it's kinda frustrating that I'm coming back home more tired than I was before.

5 days were amazing, full of getting to know interesting people, getting inspired, etc. I would do it again right now, but with the addition of vitamin shots in between shows. At least I know for the next time.

I'm showing you my 4th outfit (almost the end of the ridiculousness haha). It was the Burberry show so I went all british with leather & plaid. My tophat added the drama, and the most uncomfortable shoes were a nice touch (although I couldn't walk by the end of the day). 

All in all, I must say it was really fun that day - the magic of Burberry matched with first rows at interesting shows made me forget about the pain in the feet. 
Matija Čop oversized cotton trousers // Tommy Hilfiger plaid shirt // Zara faux leather jacket // DIY studded transparent bag // H&M top hat 




  1. Savršeno!!!

  2. OMG buahahahhahahahahahahaha

  3. OVERDOSE HONEY ... Which one of the Village People are you supposed to be?
    You're so fake that Barbie is more real than you


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