style brick road: EDITORIAL. Jordan & Zac

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

EDITORIAL. Jordan & Zac

Featuring editorials is one of my favourite things about style brick road - there is so many of them, and I sometimes can't choose which one to feature. It's like sharing a book I loved to read with my friends. I have an urge to explain every point I liked, and won't let you go until you get every point & (at least loosely) agree with me. 

I've always been a persistent person - the one that wouldn't shut up until you say 'yes', 'aha' or 'you're right' at worst. Art is subjective (a subject I won't even bother to open up - still kind of furious because of my essay for Philosophy class on 'What's art?' and the fact that my teacher didn't accept the totality of my opinion), and I consider fashion a state of art - why even bother writing what I liked/didn't like? Is it better to just write a word or 2 about the facts?

Few months ago, I read an article that talked about what to do to have a financially successful fashion blog - it started to talk about individuality, the factor of 'special', a different view, etc. One of the biggest points was that 'you need to offer your reader something complex yet attractive', and how 'you have to offer the reader a hi-quality written content'. Some time after reading that article (that kinda shook me), I started to spend more & more time writing my posts - trying to stop writing impulsively, but composing the words after thinking twice, yet still keeping the personal & spontaneous element. If I succeeded - that's for you to say.

SO, my point is - what's the point in offering my opinion on the editorial since you already clicked your way onto my blog, and you know I like it (DUH, I featured it)? 

There is a point, a big one for that matter - and I call it life education! I take every blog ever click on as part of my online education - whether it is a situation where I get to see how not to create a layout, an inspiring outfit by a girl, or just an amazingly fun fact about fashion - it's worth it, because that's the reason I click away. I cannot express how happy I feel about all the stuff I learned thanks to my fashion blogging - I'd never change it.

And after all this attempt on Art Philosophy for Dummies (while saying Dummies, I mean myself), I shall express my love for this edgy editorial featured in Australian Oyster magazine. It's the moment where everything is as wrong as it gets, to a point that the story becomes so freakingly good. Kooky fashion pieces, styled & directed in an edgy way results with a quirky set of photos featuring fun menswear fashion.

I should probably stop 'talking', you should probably stop reading, and just look at these god damn cool photos!

photo&styling. Gadir Rajab 
models. Jordan & Zac Stenmark