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Thursday, 5 September 2013


There's always the time when I don't like the photos I took for the blog. In fact, sometimes I even hate them. This time it was a mild disliking. But still.

Yesterday was a bit different - Ana & I tried to shoot at one location, then they said it's forbidden to take photos there (damn >.<). Then we found another location, but I didn't like how the photos came out on the small screen of the camera. After a while, our mood started to plummet, and I kinda didn't want to spend any more time on taking photos which I didn't like.

BUT. There's also the time when you see the photos on the big screen of the computer and you instantly fall in love with them (no narcissism involved - just happiness with how the whole thing came out EXACTLY I wanted it to come out in the first place). Then I processed them in a way that reminded me of analog photography which really came together with the 80's feel of the outfit. 

Last time I talked how I really felt inspired by the 90's and the Spice Girls era, but it didn't go that way this time around. I didn't watch The Cosby Show or The Golden Girls - it just came together. And yes, I did feel like Ferris Bueller in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.

PS. It's been 400 posts guys, thanks for reading each one! < 3

vintage Cacharel deep green fitted blazer // Zara silky pyjama-inspired shirt // Primark dad jeans // Asos red-white printed plimsolls // Replay Vintage sunglasses // Trska jewellery gold Mini Mal necklace // Daniel Wellington watch

photo. Ana Bacinger