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Monday, 30 September 2013

IN LOVE. Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals A/W 2013

Colour bursting rainbows!

Although every fashion-oriented blog/site/portal is raving about S/S 14 collections (Kenzo was A-MAZING!!), I'm sending my love towards another collection. As you can see, it's the menswear part of the Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals AW 13 collection. 

Yet again, it's full of colours, prints, and crazy fashion adapted to the aesthetic of the German sportswear giant. Teddy-bear hi-tops, gold, rainbows, and now a bit of floral screams Jeremy Scott all the way. The whole thing is still very sporty which makes the story more approachable and interesting. Why couldn't you work out in a rainbow-coloured animal print?! Jeremy Scott says you can.

Collaboration-made sneakers are always a big hit, and JS x aO is no different. Their winged & teddy-beared models became a symbol for sporty high-low fashion, and newly introduced models are on their way to join them. I simply adore the Miami Beach pastel hi-tops which are a perfect match for the Miami Vice fashion sensibility I try to embody lately. Plus, the pastel tones they used are beautiful.

The print I'm mostly drawn to must be the floral fuschia-orchid one - it's probably the fact that the print alone looks very feminine, but interpreted in classic pieces such is a classic bomber jacket, it looks like a simple statement piece one needs to have in their own closet (and when I say one I mean me).

Can't wait for the collection to come to the stores - I'm certainly finding some pieces as a good idea to invest in. We shall se...



Saturday, 28 September 2013

MUSIC. Autumn 2013 playlist

The weekend's here, and by now it seems it's going to be a gloomy one. 

So, what's a better recipe for feeling better than music? I decided to show you the top 20 songs on my playlist for this Autumn. I always renew my iPhone & iPod playlists in the beginning of a season since my music habits really depend on weather. This Autumn, my music will (again) match my style - eclectic as hell. From acoustic folky to deep electronica and back to hardcore 80's bubblegum pop. It's a crazy bunch, but my brain cells couldn't be more happy.

Listen up, and hope you like it!

1. Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline

2. Aloe Blacc - You Make Me Smile

3. Capital Cities - Nothing Compares 2 U

4. Madilyn Bailey - Don't You Worry Child (SMH acoustic cover)

5. Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine Ft. Will Heard)

6. Disclosure - F For You

7. Foxes - Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

8. The Beatles - 'I Saw Her Standing There'

9. MKTO - Thank You

10. The Human League - Don't you want me (Kento Lucchesi Remix)

11. Cindy Lauper - She Bop

12. Lady Gaga - Applause (Empire of the Sun Remix)

13. Rudimental - Waiting All Night (ft. Ella Eyre)

14. Chase & Status - End Credits (ft. Plan B)

15. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better

16. Stealing Sheep - Shark Song

17. Daughter - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

18. Yuna - Decorate

19. Yael Naim - Never Change

20. Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

Like? Share? Anything?



Friday, 27 September 2013


 It's all about trying to stay normal at this point. 

Juggling all the work post-travel style (which I kinda love but shhhh!), and still trying to act cool and attempting at not getting in a fight with everyone around me. It's difficult, and I think know you know how it feels. Although a lot of work makes me a bit of a hot-tempered one, I still enjoy it.

BUT, what I need to have when I'm outside my house for the whole day is comfortable clothing. That's where my new Mr Gugu & Miss Go (thanks guys for this amazing gift!!) printed jacket comes to join in. A basic skinny-jeans-oversized-tee combo accessorizes really well so a statement jacket, a baseball cap (my London souvenir :D), sunnies and a pair of cool (&COMFORTABLE!!!) sneaker-shoes makes me go from day business plans to night drinks in the town. It's practical, simple, and feels kinda cool.

I'd call this one my go-to combo for these kinda irritating summer-autumn-spring days. Never know if it's going to rain or is it going to be 30+. But this one can take you anywhere!
Mr Gugu & Miss Go printed baseball jacket (find it HERE) // H&M basic linen t-shirt & grey skinny jeans // Kenzo cloud-printed cap & suede sneaker-shoes // Giant Vintage blue-tinted sunglasses (find them HERE) // Daniel Wellington croco-leather watch (find it HERE)



Thursday, 26 September 2013

WORK. Editorial 'Time'

 Now that all the LFW drama is over, it's time to get back to my blogging routine. 

Well, not quite YET.

Yes, this is an editorial I would usually feature, but this one is special. Why? Because I styled it!

My amazing & talented photographer Jelena Balić asked me to style this shoot, which came out as a story about time. Combining different periods is what I love to do in my own outfits, so I decided to take that as my starting point. Printed pieces which were a hit on both womenswear and menswear runways so taking different ones and merging them into a story felt really interesting & exciting. Statement accessories like gold chains, cool sunglasses, caps and bow-ties made tied everything up. The goal was to create editorial looks of my own style - edged up, a bit more crazy, but still fashionable and with a sense. I kinda feel like it came together quite well. 

Again, nothing would look nearly as cool if it wasn't for the best photographer to work with - my girl Jelena who made the whole tale come to life. The editorial is published in the latest online issue of online Draft mag.

80's, 40's, early-century, 90's and many more. What's not to love?
For Draft Magazine
Styling (+ makeup&hair). Dino Bonačić (
Photo. Jelena Balić (
Model. Mario J. @ Larapixie



Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Proud of my smily girl Valentina Kuzmić @ Lulu Liu
Let's get it over with already

It's quite hard to let go of the 'London Fashion Week experience', but I need to look forward and be excited about the next year when I'll be moving there (fingers SO crossed they hurt). 

Just so you know, LFW people don't kid with the 'best for last' saying. Although Burberry was one my favourite shows, the 5th day wins the all-round award (if one ever existed). Simone Rocha, Tata Naka, Lulu Liu & Haizhen Wang.

The reason to get up early' in the morning was definitely Simone Rocha. Been excited to see her show from the moment I got the confirmation of my invite. Her past 3 collections have been in my favourites, and I consider her as one of the biggest up-and-coming designers in the world. Of course, with a John Rocha as a parent, you've got pressure to be one. But what I respect the most, her designs are not influenced by her father's way of thinking AT ALL. Yes, they're both in the similar aesthetic wheelhouse, but Simone keeps on showing freshness and youth that's very much needed in this sour world. Mud, sheep, rocks and Western Ireland. That's what she saw. I saw pearls, black & white, silk organza, tulle & brocade used in a way that's more youthful than a pair of pigtails. In the world of 'twerking', nakedness & vulagrity to see clothes that are so covered up yet so young, fresh, cool and even sexy at times - it makes you happy. There's no surprise many MANY people were crying in the audience. Even when I saw her mother standing up SO proud of what the collection became, a joy overcome my whole body. Her most successful points for me were the pearls which were such a nice touch to simple silhouettes & kinda basic accessories that made them chic, avant-garde yet still remaining wearable. Clean make-up, slightly rocker-chic hair & fab casting also played to all advances. And she showed that a young designer (ONLY 27!!!) CAN be mature.

Next were the Georgian-origin duo Tamar and Natasha Surguladze under the name of Tata Naka. It was the point where fashion and art got together and made a chic little love child. Russian Ballet combined with a Chagalle-Matisse-Picasso Modernism point of view by the famous critic called Sergei Diaghilev sounds a bit pretentious - but the clothes were everything but. Within their typical out-there routine of prints & shapes, the girls played a lot with solid-colour-blocking but went to a bit softer place. Usually their pieces are mostly bodycon either in material or shape, but this time you could see a few granny-chic pieces brought into the story. The Picasso face top & the starry dress were the standouts in my world, but the colour-blocking double-breasted 80's-inspired blazer would can rock my wardrobe ANY DAY.

Second to last came a pretty big surprise in the shape of a Lulu Liu collection. 15th century renaissance were the starting points, but the final pieces couldn't be more up-to-date and modern. The word everyone used after the show was fresh. Using intricate techniques to produce effortless clothes seemed so easy for the viewer, but everyone could see a lot of work went into it. Playing with more different states of volume made the collection look interesting while retaining the cohesion. She went from body conscious to big-ball-gown in a moment, and it looked nothing but coherent. Textiles felt luxurious to a T, and the colour scheme felt appealing to many different people (navy, light blue, pink, fuchsia, white...) Another thing I loved was that one of my homegirls Valentina Kuzmić wore 2 of her looks, so I was proud as hell. 

Haizhen Wang had the 'honour' to close my London Fashion Week experience, and I kinda fell flat. Not because it was a bad collection - it was minimalistic, clean, modern and youthful. It's probably the fact that every other show that day was visually exuberant and saturated so this show started (and ended) at a point of feeling overwhelming (at least for me). Greys, blacks and whites were the colour base with a few deep blue & silver moments added to the story. The point that threw me off a bit was that the collection was filled with beautiful modern designed pieces, but there were not a few sour thumbs that looked like basic department-store clothes (e.g. simple moto leather jacket, blouses etc.). Don't get me wrong, minimalism & simplicity can be artful and interesting, but there is a fine line between minimalistic and basic. Still, the styling of the girls helped us feel like he understands the girl he designs for.

To finish the whole LFW story off, I must say just one more thing - there was never a point in my life when I felt more exhausted, but at the same time - there was never a point in my life when I felt so fulfilled, happy and satisfied. Still collecting moments as the days go by (sneakily going through many MANY pictures I took), and satisfyingly smiling - on my own, just for myself.

Enjoy the pics! 

Simone Rocha

Tata Naka

Lulu Liu

Haizhen Wang

No such beautiful thing as proud parents @ Simone Rocha

Again parenthood beauty @ Lulu Liu
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