style brick road: WISHLISTED. Ucon baseball caps

Thursday, 8 August 2013

WISHLISTED. Ucon baseball caps

My favourite accessories for this season are baseball caps, and as I always say - when I'm obsessed, I'm OBSESSED. I constantly look for different ones, searching for a new one that I DON'T have in my closet (if I'm in my rational-shopping phase, I try not to buy the similar ones HAHA). But, as seasons go by - I always change my fav accessories, and end up with bunch of stuff I'm not into right in that moment (BUT WILL WEAR THEM SOME DAY, LEAVE ME ALONE !!). The same thing happened to bow ties, and I'm afraid it will happen with caps too. :O

Unfortunately, not all accessories translate through seasons very well. Happily, Ucon (a Berlin based company) really makes an effort to make them seasonably fashionable. And to me, they succeed. Different luxe materials, in a mix that really works put a fashion feel all over a basic design like these simple caps (that BTW remind me of workman caps - in a GOOD way of course). Instant love all over the place !!

You can find them @