style brick road: uncharted.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I probably wouldn't have shared this 'uncharted' outfit if I didn't feel like that right now. 

Since I came back to Zagreb 3 days ago, I started to feel overwhelmed with stuff I had to do - errands, jobs, stupid paperwork, etc. etc. Fortunately, I got some great news recently - I'm going to London Fashion Week in September (note to self: wear more interesting looks than this one haha) so that kinda gives me positive energy. I'm going to be running around my favourite city in less than a month. JUS'SAYIN'.

But let's not jump a gun. There are many MANY things to come before that huge moment. And yes, this is my pessimistic self talking - infected by the iffy post-vacay plague. It's just how it goes. 
03 eyewear (LINK - soon opening) oversized black sunglasses // H&M oversized worn-out tee // Doc Martens leather messenger bag // ASOS loose banana-cut jeans // Borovo Startas cheetah-print plimsolls // Daniel Wellington leather strap watch