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Sunday, 25 August 2013


Sweatshirt weather FINALLY.

As I've already mentioned in my Kenzo 'Eye' post (HERE), I've stocked up on sweatshirt this last season, and I couldn't wait for the not-so-hot-nor-so-cold (so called Autumn) weather to come so I could wear them all. Yes, the time has come, and yes I'm aware I'll be b*tching about how cold it is really soon, but for now I couldn't be any happier. 

The first sweatshirt up on the wearing block was this oversized custom made Bubu with love (LINK) piece, I got from the founder & designer of BWL Tara a month or so ago. I was wearing it at home over my sleeping boxers just so I can feel the soft material. It's perfect for autumn because it's not too thick, but is really warm & soft so you can just have it in your bag, and throw it on as it gets colder. 

I went to grab a coffee with some friends in this outfit, so I didn't really need the denim jacket, but to me it looked very 90's trash chic wrapped around my waist. My favourite pair of skinnies were the obvious choice, and the Nikes used as the perfect pop of colour that this outfit needed. The rough & unfinished feel of the sweatshirt really balances the cute baby-blue colour, and the mini-houndstooth print that could easily go feminine.

I already wrote about Bubu with love on when I interviewed Tara and exclusively discovered her s/s 2013 collection HERE.

Bubu with love custom made houndstooth printed oversized sweatshirt (LINK) // vintage Diesel denim jacket // Primark aztec printed tee (worn underneath) // H&M skinny jeans // Nike Air Vortex VNTG sneakers // Daniel Wellington watch