style brick road: MUSIC. 2013 summer playlist

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MUSIC. 2013 summer playlist

Today is ALL about music - my last music festival of the season is starting (thumbs up for Terraneo !!), so I finally decided to share my perfect summer playlist of 2013 !! It's a list of my personal top 13 singles that are rocking my speakers this summer. :)

And just like my personal style, the playlist is full of everything and anything from around the world - German minimal techno, British psych-pop (I adore musical genre names - it's my hobby to google them :D), French electro rock, Malaysian indie-pop etc. etc.

It was really REALLY hard to select only 13 songs (I could make a playlist of thousands and thousands songs I 'love', 'adore', 'fancy', 'treasure', 'cry to' & *put any verb that feels good*. But music is just like fashion - you just can't have it all. :P

Enjoy !! :*