style brick road: IN LOVE. Agora Vintage

Monday, 19 August 2013

IN LOVE. Agora Vintage

Again, here comes the cap maniac. 

This time, I'm obsessed with a UK brand called Agora Vintage that pushes the right buttons with that british hipster style they radiate with their products. They started in 2011 as a vintage snapback stockers (biggest ones outside North America), but recently released their own clothing line & many many many beautiful snapbacks they designed themselves. 

While the tees complete a simple picture of menswear with their basic boxy tee design it still looks very fashionable because of the perfect pops of colour they present within the square pockets. The same prints translate through their baseball caps line which are quite noticeable as an accessory. They're unisex, but in a way that they translate totally differently within a male, and a female styling.

My favourite thing about Agora Vintage is their mix of materials, and the handling of the products which look really high quality. 

Honestly, can't wait to get one !!! My favourite ones are: the berry print, and each and every floral print. #INLOVE

Find all of their products @