style brick road: humid black.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

humid black.

Talk about hot & humid days. It feels like I'm living in an African rainforest right now. And instead of wearing light white clothes (I mostly hate HATE HATE white clothing) or at least light colours, something must have bumped my head because - for a roadtrip to my country house I went all dark. Although I cannot express how much I adore colour, and how I'd never ever give all my colourful clothing away, sometimes I just feel black.
Not only in a 'I'm depressed' kind of way, but in 'I'm a bitchy person that wears black'. I'm not saying everyone that's constantly wearing black is a bitch, BUT I somehow believe that people wearing a lot of colour are more cheerful. :)
So yeah, I felt like a bitchy person, I dressed like a bitchy person. 

PS. I adore these sunglasses - perfect to cover a late-night look !! ;)
03 eyewear (LINK - soon opening) oversized black sunglasses // H&M grey worn-out t-shirt & vest // H&M black shorts // Zara metallic leather hi-tops // Lucija Vrcić faux leather black backpack // H&M baseball cap // Luce Lu (LINK) black & gold pin brooch