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Thursday, 15 August 2013

FASHION ICON. Kiernan Shipka

Seriously, how cute is she?

Kiernan Shipka is a 14-year-old actress whose fashion style has been amazing from the get-go of her fabulous career. She's primarily well known for her role of Sally Draper in the mega-chic TV series Mad Men. I haven't been a big fan of the show in the beginning, but as Kiernan started to get more &more camera space, I've became more & more interested in the show. Not only is she an amazing actress & a cool little scene stealer, she's also a rising star in the fashion field.

Her public appearances have been hugely noticeable, and she's already known for her both capital F fashion & age-appropriate looks. But the fact that she's not consulting a stylist for her looks, makes me even happier. Although I (as an aspiring stylist) should always be promoting the power of a professional help in that area, I can't even begin my loving towards this cutie-pie style.

From the earliest age, little miss Sally has been making the right styling choices combining the appropriateness & style - she's never been showing her cleavage or wearing a heel to high, but always been adding a fashion sense to her looks. Still it has never looked juvenile or twee - just a fashionable little girl with chances used properly. Honestly, not only would I love to work with her on a shoot (just look, LOOK how adorable she looks in these magazine shots), but I'd also love to be a part of her style evolution. I'd love her to develop her rock'n'roll vibe within the cute-princess wheelhouse she does oh, so very well.

After all, I must say probably there are 2 things why I love her SOOO much - A) Looks like a young American version of my favourite movie actress Emma Watson, B) She makes dresses. GUYS. SHE. MAKES, DRESSES. I can't. I should really stop because all of us will get a toothache. < 3

Can't wait to see what she does next - good job Sally Draper :*
(photos., the coveteur)

Love, love, LOOOOOVE her <3 p="">xxxxx