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Friday, 9 August 2013

EDITORIAL. I want to play again

Paying hommage to the beginnings of the i-D magazine, it's the latest editorial for their online edition that makes me oh, so happy. It's the early 80's graphic solutions & the crazy printed fashion that makes me clap with joy, and let out the sounds of bravados. In the fashion sense, of course.

If DIY was ever a major trend (not counting the 90's show 'Home improvement' & its DIYs), it were the 80's, and it's definitely now - everyone's feeling artsy-craftsy, and why not use that as one of your inspirations.

The dynamic trio were three artists that work amazingly in their own sectors, but when combined - they have some super special fashion powers. Kinda like 'The Power Rangers: Fashion Edition' (don't steal my idea Spielberg). The stylist of the shoot was Fannie Schiavoni, photography was Mark Rabadan's job, and the artwork is by a brazilian artist called Armadeo Orellana. I won't say how great they are - you should look at the pictures, and everything will be clear as a sunny day.
i-D online
Photography. Mark Rabadan
Styling. Fannie Schiavoni
Artwork. Amadeo Orellana
Hair. Kiyo Igarashi
Make-up. Chifumi Nambashi
Model. Alexander Beck