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Monday, 5 August 2013


East London meets sportswear meets street meets 90s. LOVE.

The amazing Fucking Young fashion magazine produced yet another great fashion story featuring fabulous men's fashion interpreted in a way that is both referencing a past time, and looking in a fashion-forward way. I love retro fashion, but still hate (okay, not really hate - but DON'T LIKE VERY MUCH) when people do retro fashion with no sensibility of future. For me, fashion is not about copying the past but absorbing every little bit you like into a unique (more or less) look that's your own signature. There's no harm in period dressing & costumes, but that's another side of mine - playing dress up. Still, if talking about editorial fashion it's the meeting point of fantasy, reality, future & past. Just a rough impression of a personal inspiration. Well, that's at least how I see it.

Just to wrap it up, the work of the stylist (Ginger Clark) really complements the photography in a way that it feels like a proper captured moment instead of posed photos. Maybe it's the innocent looking face of Mr. male model Elijah that keeps it fresh, but I dare to say it's the mutual work of fabulous talents like these here.
FUCKING YOUNG, summer 2013 (
Photo. Olgac Bozalp 
Styling. Ginger Clark
Model. Elijah Tyedmers (ELITE)
Photo Assistant. Murat Sinici
Styling Assistant. Flo Rohde
Makeup. Michelle Dacillo
Hair. Akira Yamada