style brick road: ART. Famous glasses

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

ART. Famous glasses

I know each time I cover another theme I say I'm 'this' or 'that' kind of a person, it sounds a bit pretentious and very obnoxious. BUT, it's that time again, and I must say - I am a sunglasses person. I'd love to be an eyeglasses person too, but my prescription couldn't be any more complicated so a pair of lenses for the glasses cost more than any luxurious frames out there. So yeah, I'm 'stuck' with about 100 pairs of sunnies (haven't counted them for a long time).

Thanks to the fabulous Italian artist/designer Federico Mauro, I (and by that mean all of you) got a chance to recall the most famous pairs of glasses throughout the whole history. From the legendary Lennons, the heart-shaped Lolita's, colourful Elton John's, the ones that had breakfast @ Tiffany's, and many, many more. I've selected my 10 favourites, but you can catch up with all of them at