style brick road: ART. Anthony Gerace

Friday, 23 August 2013

ART. Anthony Gerace

I've always loved Art class in school, and although I wasn't the most talented in drawing & molding, my forté were definitely collages. From the ripping technique, through folding, to cutting - I was a scissor-glue-paper maniac. So, liking Anthony Gerace's work was only the natural thing to do.

Anthony is a London-based artist that masters photography, typography & collage techniques. And yes, he masters it well. One of my favourite collage series of his must be the 'Fig. 1-99' that represent individual portraits on coloured backgrounds - subtly taking out the main object out of the 'picture'. Another one I love is 'There must be more to life than this' - a combination of iconography, photography & collage. Its cubic shapes roughly cut the frame for the nostalgic concrete elements such as the hand, the face, or the whole figure of a woman. 

I hope I'll have enough time in September to visit his studio, or a gallery where his pieces are exhibited because I'm head over heels into this amazing art. #LOVELOVELOVE