style brick road: 90s blues.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

90s blues.

Think of Spice Girls. Think of bleached denim. Think of funky-coloured hi-tops. Think of overalls. Think of Spice girls. Think of 90's.

I spent my friday watching concerts of the Spice Girls, watching a documentary about them (Giving You Everything), and watching their movie (Spice World). Some may say a quite boring Friday, I'd say a very 90's Friday. And as I spent all those hours intricately studying the 'culture' of my childhood, it rubbed right on me. 

Friday afternoon, it came. I needed to get dressed. Look what I've come up with - a total 90's bananarama. Why not revive those good old times?

Each day is another chance to wear a costume, yesterday I wore a 90's one.
Giant Vintage blue lensed round sunglasses (find them HERE// DIY striped dungarees // Zara floral polo shirt // vintage patchwork light denim jacket // adidas Originals tri-colour hi-tops // adidas Originals colourful digital watch