style brick road: your history of silence.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

your history of silence.

Okay, I love summer in the city - but the beach countdown has officially started. Few more days, and I'm off to soak up the sun (as if I'm not soaking up the sun on my terrace right now), bathe in the salty water & enjoy my friends' company.

Honestly, most of my friends left the city, and left me working my ass off. Not that I don't like to work - it's every bit of amazing, and I couldn't be myself without my work, BUT (and it's a bit but) there's a point where a person starts to boil surrounded by all the 'feet-on-the-beach-in-July' photos, or the 'huge-cocktail-in-my-hand-while-surrounded-with-drunk-people-in-swimsuits' ones. I'm usually not much of an envious person, but everyone has their own 'hate-everybody' moments. Or?

Well, let's leave that question opened & unanswered, and move on to my today's outfit. It's a bit too layered for the summer with all the accessories, and everything - but leave me with my layering, since I'm stuck in the city. That's definitely one of the benefits of having a citified (a word?!) summer.  
Oh, I know I'm full of it - just leave me with my own pathetic excuses.

AS IT IS, I had fun matching this outfit (which is rare during these impossible humid summertime days), and I enjoyed wearing it. What's more to ask? :P

PS. I finally decided to use Lightroom for editing the photos, so I'm really happy with these!! :)
Volklore multi printed shirt // Blame Lu handmade deer brooch // Giant Vintage round vintage looking sunglasses (find them HERE) // Spark leather bracelet with yellow details (find similar HERE) // Massimo Dutti blue suede loafers // H&M baggy trousers // H&M worn out oversized tank top // Plaid cap bought at a random hat shop in Belgrade