style brick road: WISHLISTED. Starstyling oversized tee

Friday, 26 July 2013

WISHLISTED. Starstyling oversized tee

I've discovered I have an irrational obsession with oversized clothing. 
Generally, I've never been a guy with love for tight clothing, but I've always tried to respect the 'loose on top, tight on bottom or backwards' rule. Right now, I'm spontaneously leaning towards total-oversized looks. Of course I won't throw away my favourite skinny jeans, but it's a fashion phase I'm going through. And as any other real hedonist, I'm going to nurture my wishes & phases as much as I can.
I already own quite a few oversized pieces like trousers by a Croatian designer Matija Čop, a pair of jeans from Primark, some fun tops, and sweatshirts I got from the basic high street stores, BUT searching through the wastelands of Internet shopping I found a piece I want. It's the Starstyling oversized tee - boxy design, futuristic materials, and fun fun fun. I'm still not sure which one I'm going to get, but it's between the mirrored foilover in grey, and the white tee with neon foils. 

You can find them all @ & some are available at the ROBA store in Zagreb (more info HERE).