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Saturday, 13 July 2013


As I mentioned many MANY times before, shopping on SALE is my sin. That's the time when I get crazy, and in a mania of 'cheap' stuff I buy stuff that I probably don't need. Fortunately, I'm not one of those people who buy stuff they don't wear - I wear everything I buy. BUT, the problem is in piling stuff like a little hamster - at one moment I own 6 white tees that are each differently cut, in a different size, material etc. It's just what I do - I'm a hoarder, and I admit it.
Lately, I haven't been entering too many high-street stores just because I'm saving my money for my trip to London in September, and also because I decided to start buying more high-quality clothing & accessories, and less high-street. The SALES are the perfect time for that decision - the difference between prices is much MUCH smaller, but the difference between quality is amazingly huge. For instance, I could buy a Kenzo Tiger sweater at a 40% discount, or an amazing Opening Ceremony shirt at a 70% discount at a price of a Zara shirt. And the best thing is - sale time is the best time to buy classic pieces - white shirts, black shoes, leather jackets etc. They (naturally) never go out of style.
And by the middle of going through the sales at the french online store, I decided to share my favourite picks from their season SALE.
Try NOT to find something for yourself, I'm sure you won't be able. :)

PS. The good thing is - Croatia is in the EU, so we don't have to pay any customs - so SHOP AWAY! :)

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